What does it mean to be radiant? To us, it means to throw your light out into the world, so that others can see the very best you have to offer. And essentially, that’s what we do. We help businesses shine brightly in every aspect of their online marketing, increasing their reach and growing their fan base.

But it wasn’t always like that. 

Radiant Web Marketing started out of necessity. I spent years working in content marketing and SEO, co-owning a content marketing company and online press release platform. As the industry changed and shifted, we did too. SEO went from keyword-stuffing and 2% saturation goals to the more nuanced techniques we use today. Content went from being mundane to being dynamic, compelling and very necessarily relevant. Social media marketing was born and impacted every aspect of our strategies.

After my partner and I sold the press release platform, we found ourselves at a bit of a disconnect. As I am sure happens in many “marriages” — business or personal — we’d grown apart and had different visions as to how we wanted to move forward. That’s probably why I jumped at the opportunity to join a Canadian start-up as their VP of Marketing! It was an exciting opportunity that fizzled out almost as quickly as it landed in my lap.

I was left with nothing. No paycheck for my last month of work. No job. No idea what was coming next. If it sounds a little bleak, that’s because it was! 

What I did have, however, was 20+ years of marketing coupled with firsthand knowledge of exactly how NOT to run a company and marketing department. (I’ll share those details in a future blog post!) Out of the ashes, Radiant was born.

The name Radiant comes from many different sources. First and foremost is Charlotte’s Web. A favorite book from my childhood, “radiant” was one of the words that Charlotte wrote in her web to describe Wilbur. I loved the idea that Charlotte used words to change the world’s opinion of Wilbur — something that I strive to do through content marketing for my clients.

Being a Floridian, the word radiant also symbolizes sunshine and positivity — something that I strive for in my personal life. I strongly believe that the light you put out into the world is returned tenfold. Integrity, kindness, a strong work ethic and a compassionate heart are not goals. They’re requirements.

Join us! We’re excited about what’s to come and happy to have you along for the ride! 

I learned early on that a huge benefit to creating a virtual team is the fact that you can hire the very best talent — no matter where they’re located. That’s what we’ve done at Radiant. Our graphic designers, writers, social media managers and project managers live across North America. I was able to hand-pick the very best contractors and bring them over to Radiant with me — something that I’m extremely excited about!

We have a solid team and we’re excited to grow our boutique virtual marketing firm over the next few months (and years!)