If you build it, they will come. Right? Well, if you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you’ve found getting people to your website, bringing them through your sales funnel and converting them into paying customers isn’t quite that easy. That’s why we’ve been working hard curating this list of ideas for generating leads. Do you have to do all of them? Nope! Use this list as a tool to look at your efforts and brainstorm ways that you can increase conversions by adding just a few extra forms, Calls-To-Actions (CTA’s) or buttons.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Header CTA
  2. Footer CTA
  3. Sidebar CTA
  4. Directional cues — arrows pointing to form fields
  5. Free download
  6. Feature clear contact page
  7. Feature social sharing buttons at top of pages
  8. Optimize your About page — include CTA and actionable headline
  9. Feature testimonials from happy customers
  10. Optimize all pages for SEO to increase organic leads
  11. Publish case studies to show your effectiveness


  1. Choose colors wisely (orange buttons vs green)
  2. Choose button text wisely (‘click here’ vs ‘Get me out of debt!’)
  3. Error proof your forms (don’t frustrate your leads)
  4. Privacy statement (protect their info)
  5. Email verification (even if you won’t)

Online Contests

  1. Traditional giveaway
  2. Scavenger hunt
  3. In-store trivia
  4. Create a quiz
  5. Use a platform that directs people to your website
  6. Have entrants fill out a survey first to gather more info


  1. End of blog post CTA
  2. Pop-up CTA
  3. Mid post CTA
  4. Anchor text links to landing pages
  5. Answer all comments, build a community
  6. Guest post on niche blogs for more exposure
  7. Guest post on industry blogs to boost credibility
  8. Curate content on your blog & link back to industry influencers
  9. Feature social sharing buttons at top of every post
  10. Add ‘Tweet this’ pull-outs to blog posts
  11. Make cornerstone content available as PDF download
  12. Collect & share success secrets from industry leaders
  13. Share what works for you — stats, insider info
  14. Create & share a useful template
  15. Create & share a useful spreadsheet
  16. Offer a very detailed answer to a difficult problem
  17. Create an infographic that simplifies a complicated task
  18. Create a list of resources or ideas (like this)
  19. Compile examples that people can learn from
  20. Participate thoughtfully on other industry blog comments

Social Media

  1. Facebook – Create an ad campaign
  2. Facebook – Promoted posts
  3. Facebook – Create a special group page
  4. Facebook – Post promos / special pricing for followers only
  5. Pinterest – Optimize board names for search
  6. Pinterest – Use hashtags on pins for visibility
  7. Pinterest – Use Pinterest analytics to review what’s working & adjust
  8. Pinterest – Post taller ‘infographic’ images — they get more pins
  9. Pinterest – Red/Orange images get 2x repins as blue
  10. Instagram – Post regularly
  11. Instagram – Use videos to connect w/ followers
  12. Instagram – Research and use hashtags to get more visibility
  13. Instagram – Participate in the hashtags you’re using: like and comment.
  14. Instagram – Brand your images clearly & consistently
  15. Instagram – Place a clickable link in your bio leading to your website
  16. Instagram – Answer comments promptly
  17. Twitter – Promoted Tweets
  18. Twitter – Tweet regularly
  19. Twitter – Use lists to segment industry leaders & interact
  20. Twitter – Create a Leads Campaign
  21. LinkedIN – Publish on Linkedin Pulse
  22. LinkedIN – Participate in groups
  23. LinkedIN – Create a page for your business
  24. Follow industry leaders on social & interact/comment
  25. Snapchat – Post regularly
  26. Snapchat – Publish a secret promo, only available to followers
  27. Snapchat – Interact: Ask viewers to snap video of them using your brand
  28. Snapchat – Use ‘Stories’ feature to capture behind-the-scenes footage
  29. Snapchat – Preview products – give viewers sneak peek


  1. Blab – Host regular Blabs
  2. Blab – Interview other influencers on Blab
  3. Blab – Use the embed code to feature your Blabs on your website
  4. Blab – Post your recorded Blab right to YouTube
  5. Periscope – Host regular Periscopes
  6. Periscope – Interview others on your Periscope
  7. Periscope – Don’t be afraid to ask for ‘loves’ and shares
  8. Periscope – Acknowledge followers
  9. Periscope – Network: Follow back those that ‘love’ you
  10. YouTube – Start a YouTube channel for your brand
  11. YouTube – Optimize titles and descriptions for SEO
  12. YouTube – Post regular ‘How To’ videos for your industry
  13. YouTube – Interview influencers & publish on your channel
  14. YouTube – Use annotations to send people from your video to your website
  15. Youtube – Brand your videos w/ music, colors & logo


  1. Business Cards w/ website & social clearly listed
  2. Brochures
  3. Speaking engagements
  4. Car wrap and/or vehicle magnets
  5. Direct Mail
  6. Offer expert interviews to local TV stations
  7. Host a seminar in your office or a local meeting place
  8. Offer to be a guest speaker at local Chamber, Rotary or other organizations

Content Marketing

  1. Repurpose content elsewhere
  2. Slideshows
  3. Publish awesome help videos
  4. Create & optimize evergreen content
  5. Syndicate your content on other platforms (like Alltop)

Online Advertising

  1. Google PPC
  2. Bing PPC (best for capturing mobile leads)


  1. Host regular webinars
  2. Offer bonus materials at the end
  3. Partner w/ other influencers to boost audience

eBook Publishing

  1. Offer free eBook download to gather emails
  2. Publish on Amazon Kindle, encourage readers to visit your website
  3. Offer bonus material at end of eBook on your website

Email Marketing

  1. Clean, simple welcome message
  2. Consistent messaging – weekly, monthly, etc…
  3. Follow up any download w/ Thank You message.
  4. Be sure every email has contact info, social sharing & at least one offer
  5. Optimize your signature
  6. Create an email course or program


  1. Host or sponsor a conference
  2. Apply to speak at conferences
  3. Attend industry conferences to network


  1. Answer questions on Quora & other sites
  2. Offer greatly discounted product/services for major influencers


  1. Enter into strategic partnerships
  2. Offer white label options to your products or services
  3. Ask old leads and customers for referrals

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments and we’ll continue to add and update this list!