When Charlotte needed to let the world know how awesome Wilbur was, she chose the word ‘Radiant’ to write in her web.
When you think about it, the story of Charlotte’s Web is one of the earliest examples of successful content marketing! The words she wrote forever changed the world’s perspective of Wilbur, and saved his life.

And that’s exactly what we can do for you and your business! 

Tara Geissinger, Founder

Tara brings 20+ years of traditional and online marketing to Radiant Web Marketing. Prior to founding the company, Tara was VP of Marketing for Brabeia, an online contest marketing company and co-owner of the online marketing companies SEO Content Solutions and Online PR Media. She treats every client’s business as if it were her own — combining web pages, social media campaigns, email marketing and content marketing into a single, targeted monthly schedule.

An avid traveler, triplet mom, and dog lover, in her spare time (what’s that?) you’ll likely find her nose in a book, toes in the sand — or both!

Meghan Draper, Graphic & Web Design

By day you will find Meghan perched at her desk – coffee in hand – designing with ampersands & charcoal grey. She aspires to push the limits with design, creating works with functional lasting impressions. Don’t let those soft hands fool you, when she’s not designing you’ll find her swinging kettle bells, walking her pooch or fueling her obsession with a local craft brew.

Meghan brings 10+ years experience to the Radiant Team & holds a diploma in Graphic Design from The Art Institute.

Amber Kelm, Project Manager

With 10+ years’ experience as a professional copywriter and marketing project manager, Amber is uniquely positioned to manage clients’ content projects from start to finish. She has a keen eye for detail and holds the Radiant writing team to the high standards that clients have come to know and expect. From compelling sales copy for websites, to informative and well-researched content assets, she loves helping clients create engaging, high-impact copy that wows.

A #GirlMom to two, Amber spends her free time reading high fantasy and hiking the North Georgia mountains.